The whole vast, yawning landscape was as neat and tidy as a

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Replica Handbags But Coil aren the only group to whichMcDowall has brought his moody, dark soundscapes to bear he was also a member of experimental psych collective Psychic TV, and he performs in the band Compound Eye with a member of the psych rockers Psychic Ills. (Yeah best replica handbags, that a lot of psych’s.) In his solo music, McDowall is a master of emotion, conjuring a bleakness that hangs like a dark cloud over any room he plays. His instrumental electronics are deeply affecting, rightfully earning him his title as one of the grandfathers of industrial music.Five years after their last album, Brooklyn electronic duo Teengirl Fantasy are back with 8AM, a record of spacious pop reworkings that recalls their 2009 debut. Replica Handbags

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