While that’s a good thing, the numbers suggest few people are

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileAlmost half of Canadians 55 years and older say they are not on track with their retirement planning, a new poll commissioned by the Royal Bank of Canada suggests.In an online survey of 2,033 adult Canadians commissioned by the bank and conducted by Ipsos Fake Celine handbags, 46 per cent of poll respondents said their No. 1 concern was whether or not they will have enough money to retire on.Peter Armstrong: You’re never going to retire and here’s whyGoodbye Freedom 55: Why more Canadians keep working in retirementHaving enough money to cover health care costs was also a major fear Celine Bag Replica, cited by 34 per cent of respondents.With longevity increasing, many Canadians who retire at the usual time could be facing a retirement that lasts three decades or more. While that’s a good thing, the numbers suggest few people are planning on financing their lives that long without working income.”Thirty years in retirement should be a huge gift of time, when you can do what you want Fake Celine handbags, when you want but you need to connect the dots between living longer in retirement and preparing for those additional years,” RBC’s Yasmin Musani said in a statement.According to the survey, roughly one sixth of Canadians aged 55 or older haven’t started to plan for their retirements.How a 30 something couple got rich and retired by not buying a houseAnd the numbers suggest that financial concerns aren’t the only worries that Canadians have about their retirement.

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